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I would love to help you boost the image of your brand or food business. A good photograph of a dish - one that looks appealing and appetizing - will further boost your brand's impact on social media, website, even on the printed or digital menu.


Our service consists of different phases: first we meet with the client to tell us their story and the needs of their business. After this we move on to the creative process stage where the client will receive a proposal of what we can build and capture in the photo shoots, along with graphic examples and a moodboard, and then make adjustments and finally define the space and elements needed for the photo shoot.

If you are looking to develop recipes for a specific product, I can help you. The creation of a recipe is a process with several steps such as research and creation, elaboration, testing and adjustments. They are time-consuming steps but for those who are passionate about cooking like me, it is an adventure with a very rewarding ending. 

For more information, get in touch!

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