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Cooking is another of my great passions and what better than to be able to share what I know in this field.


For me it's very important to be able to recreate the recipes that have most marked my life. Being being able to make them far away from home allows me to connect with my roots and feel closer and I want others to also make them feel closer to their latin roots or teach them their flavors.

During the 2020 pandemic, me as many people living as well abroad were not able to travel to Colombia. I decided then to give online cooking classes where I taught how to make Colombian pandebonos and empanadas from scratch. Many people were happy to be able to make these recipes in different parts of Europe and the United States and share them with their families.


In November of 2021 I took part in a contest for home cooks called "Home Cookers" in Berlin, where I decided to make two of my favorite empanadas recipes, one inspired on my grandmother Graciela's recipe and the Pipian empanadas. I came in 4th place with very good comments from the jury.

Concurso empanadas.png

Do you want to learn how to make empanadas and/or pandebonos from wherever you are? Do you want a private class or join the online workshop groups? Text me at: or follow me on Instagram: @colombian_foodie_blog where I will be posting the courses. I can give you the class in german, english or spanish.

Here you can see some of the workshop's feedback. (In spanish)


Pronto fechas disponibles

Pandebonos 2.png

Pronto fechas disponibles

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